Sculpting workshop

Take time to understand and perfect sculpting . This day as all about form fitting and how to tailor your forms to fit any client.  There is so much you can do create the perfect shape, ensuring strength all the way through the nail.

Duration : 1 day  | model required : yes  |  Pre requisite: nail extension certificate  |  Time : 10:00am - 5:00pm   |  Cost - £99.00 - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before 
Perfection Training - 

Are you already qualified in nails? Do you lack confidence? Are you wanting to refresh your knowledge? Then look no further. With our back to basics structure all the way course you will leave motivated and able to produce stunning nails. 
Duration : 1 day  |  Model required  : yes  |  Time : 10:00am - 5:00pm  |  Cost - £99.00  - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before ​

Salon Shapes workshop

During this practical day you will master - ballerina | almond | square | Gothic almond - These are all salon length so not extreme length. Enhance you skills and perfect your shapes  
Duration : 1 day  |   Models - all day    Pre requisite: Must sculpt  |  Time : 10:00am - 6:00pm   |  Cost - £79.00  - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before 

Advance Shapes & structure  

This is an advance shape day - you will be sculpting -Stiletto | Dragon | Butterfly shapes on your self! These are extreme length and we will decorate them also. Being able to understand the techniques and structure requirements of each shape will take your work to the next level.
Duration : 1 day   | Time : 10:00am - 5:00pm     |  Pre requisite: Must sculpt  | Cost - £145.00 - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before 

​E-file -

Our Efile covers a lot - reduce length| de-bulk acrylic | finish file | remove lifting | blend tips | blend infills | cuticle prep | reduce time - all these things with your efile ! a must for any busy nail technician and an advance skill that you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. 
Duration : ½  day  |  Time : tba    |   Pre requisite: Nail qualification - 3 months min  |  Model at 12pm  |  Cost : £79.00 - Efile  bits- required enquire  - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before 

Advance Russian manicure & pedicure EFILE  -

Russian manicure is an advanced level course from manicure. It’s dedicated for nail technicians who already know how to use e-file. During the nail course you will learn how to choose proper kind of nail drills depending on the nail plate type. You will get all necessary information how to remove cuticles very deep, how to remove nail fold by scissors, nippers and e-file. We will also show  you  how to apply gel polish color under the cuticles

This course will teach you how to:​

  • Chose the right bits
  • Chose the right speed for each bit depending on the task you are performing
  • Work with different types of skin: dry, to normal 
  • Work with different types of cuticles: regular, spreading, dry, thin and thick.
  • Trim the cuticle 
  • Shape the sidewalls and deal with cases of hyperkeratosis​
  • Work with artificial nails and prep nails prior product application

Duration :1 day  |  Time : 10am-6pm   |   Pre requisite: Nail qualification & Efile Qualification - 6 months min  |  Model at 4pm gel mani & pedi  |  Cost : £150.00 - Efile  bits- required  | You will work o your self & each other on the course please have bear fingers and toes  | Bits required enquire - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before 

Spa Pedicure 
Our spa pedicure is a way to de-stress the foot and lower leg, produce nearly filed toes and smooth feet. 
Duration : 1  day  |  Time : 10am- 2:00pm   |   Pre requisite: NON  |  WORKING ON EACH OTHER   |  Cost : £99.00 - - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before