Brow Artist  - 

Master the art of brows as we know that eyebrows are one of the most important facial features as they have the power to frame your face.  During this course you will gain the skills of the highest level of brow expertise training in in Tinting | waxing | threading | plucking | trim & groom | measure & mapping | make up optional for your clients brows.  The whole package Over 2 days  you will work on each other in the afternoon of on day 1 and have  models on day 2. 
Duration -2  day  |  models require |  Time 10am - 6pm  |  Cost- £150.00 -  Kit option  - tint kit is £50.00 |  waxing kit is £110 you will use our wax on day  - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before 
Henna Brows -  
This current technique requires skill. Learn all about the mixing of the shades and correct application to achieve any colour to meet any clients expectations. Includes mapping and measuring the brows. 
Duration -1  day  |  model required | Time 10am - 4pm  | Pre requisite  wax an tinting certs |  Cost-  £99.00  Kit is £145.00  - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before 

Brow Lamination -  

The hottest trend right now! This treatment is not about pulling the hairs straight up and the client is done. Here at mode you get in depth training on the correct application of the lamination to produce beautifully groomed brows .You can achieve a few looks with this treatment and its taking the industry by storm. 

Duration -1   day  |   Time : 10am - 4pm working on each other  | Pre requisite : wax an tinting certs |  Cost-  £195 INC KIT - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before 

Threading -
This technique requires practice to perfect this skill. You will Learn all 3 ways to thread and you will find your way. Learn how to thread brows , lip and chin and anywhere you want to. 
Duration -1  day  |  model required  - work on each other| Time 10am - 4pm  | Pre requisite  none|  Cost-  £99.00  - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before