Learn how to correctly wash hair and use the right products and follow that by a curly Professional  Curly blow dry or a sleek master blow dry and open the door in to the world of hair.
Duration - 2 day s |  You can work on each other plus a model is required   |  Time 10am - 5pm  |  Cost- £295.00 | You will need hair dryer, Straightners  tail comb, brush set, - the deposit is £50 the balance is due a week before   

Duration -1   |  Time 10am - 7pm  | Case studies | Kit included  - the deposit is £95 the balance is due a week before 


If you are taking your 1st steps into the world of hair up then our beginner hair up course is where you start. Teaching you all the basics technique that you require to create hair up styles for nights out, prom and the races. How to style to suit face shapes Learn fishtail & Dutch plat ,   Bows, buns step by steps and creativity tests! This is a fun practical course that is a must.  

Duration - 1 day  via online zoom |  You can use a model or purchase a training head  |  Time 10am - 5pm  |  Cost- £85.00 | You will need Back comb brush, tail comb, brush, elastic bobbles bobby pins and hair pins, a bun ring, loop tool, hairspray bling if you like! All links will be sent to order.  - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before 

Hair Extensions -

Hair Extension Specialist-

£399.00 INC PRO KIT


​Tape | Micro Ring Weft ( double & single ) | Individual micro rings  | Nano | 

Bridal Hair up - 

Hair Up Beginner - DECEMBER 9TH

Methods We teach -

Tape | Micro Ring Weft ( double & single ) | Individual micro rings | Bonded | Nano | LA micro weave  | invisi weft 

Here we teach techniques to use on your brides and how to use them. Showing you tricks of the trade and time-saving tips that work and most importantly, increase your confidence so you can create your own beautiful bridal hair for the whole wedding party. Hair prepping inc pinning and curling, planning for your bride inc trials. Pricing , contracts and more. You will  work on dolls heads on day 1 and will need 3 models on the 2nd day . All accessories and products will be provides 
Duration - 2 days  | 3 models required  |  Time 10am - 6pm  |  Cost- £175.00  - the deposit is £35 the balance is due a week before 

Backwash & Blow dry- DECEMBER 1ST & 2ND

All our hair extension courses carry case studies. You work o a training doll on the course. Kits are included in the price of the course 

Our hair extension course are packed full on knowledge you will learn 
- All about hard grades

- Clint consultation

- Colour matching

- Weights an length

- Mixing types

- Placements

- Application 

- Removal & Maintenance

- Business guidance

- Cost and pricing

- Basic blending